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* All "Compost for Yard Health" will be scheduled for Mid-June 

For all other orders, please select the week you would like your materials delivered. Orders are typically delivered within the week selected but we can not guarantee this. Please check your status page after ordering for updates.

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We will look over your order within 24 hours or Monday before processing your payment. You can cancel your order for a full refund up to 2 days before delivery. 

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Once you hit "Complete Order" we will review it and respond within 24 hours (except on weekends). Upon approval your payment will be processed and you will be sent a receipt.


DELIVERY TIME-FRAME - We do our best to deliver on your selected week, but cannot guarantee it.  If there are any delays you will be notified.

DELIVERY MARKERS - You must supply your own delivery marker (IE tarp, cones, bucket, etc.) if you do not have the marker out when delivery is scheduled, the driver will call before dumping. If there is no response they will dump the material as best as they can based on the description in the order delivery instructions. 

ORDER CHANGE UPON DELIVERY - If you decide when the delivery driver arrives you do not want the full amount you had ordered, we will not refund the remainder of the amount. You can request a second delivery with the remaining material, but we will charge a second delivery fee for that additional delivery.

VEGGIE STARTS - If you selected veggie starts your entire order is held until the 2nd week of April when Cedar Rock Gardens releases the plants.

RAISED BEDS - Kits include 4 walls, fasteners to assemble, a screw bit, and assembly instructions.  The soil is not included unless you added it separately.

RAISED BED INSTALLATION - We will follow up with some qualifying questions. Additional fees may apply depending on the distance to the install location and wheelbarrow access. 

PAYMENT BY BANK TRANSFER OR CREDIT CARD - Please note you are authorizing payment for your order. If changes are made that increase the amount of your order we will reach out for your approval before processing your payment

VOUCHER BAG - If you selected to receive your voucher bag we will need to collect your voucher upon delivery. Please leave it out for the driver to collect. 

ORDER CANCELLATION - Cancel anytime up until 2 days before the scheduled delivery date without penalty. If you have already paid, we will issue you a full refund. If you cancel less than 2 days before the scheduled delivery date, Black Earth will charge you the full delivery fee. 

Black Earth Compost reserves the right to alter these Terms and Conditions as we see fit and without notice. 

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