New This Year!
Yard Waste Pick Up

We now accept yard waste.  Purchase fully compostable yard waste stickers through your customer login and slap on a paper yard waste bag.

Accepted Material:
Leaves, weeds, small plants
sticks smaller than a half inch round, soiled paper products

Not Accepted:
NO GRASS! (unless you participate in a green lawn service), sticks greater than a half inch round

  • Place next to your green bin to be picked up during your regularly scheduled pick up.
  • Please keep yard bags dry until pickup day.
  • Due to space restrictions in the truck, please limit to 3 bags per week. Thank you!

Compost Tip - Zero Waste Party! Use a yard waste bag and sticker to put out extra compostable waste from a party, including paper/compostable cups, plates, etc.

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