Event Service

Black Earth Compost offers event compostable waste collection on Cape Ann and for larger community wide events for over 1000 participants in Eastern MA and RI.

All residential collection customers can put out event compostable waste with your regularly scheduled pickup in yard waste bags with a Black Earth Compost sticker, available for purchase in the account shop. Material appropriate for yard waste bags must be primarily light and dry, like certified compostable cups, plates or napkins. We accept up to three yard waste bags per pickup.

Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to offer event collections outside of Cape Ann for smaller events less than 1000 people, like weddings, bar mitzvahs, yard parties etc. if they can't be in yard waste bags on your current collection day.

If you are planning an event for over 1000 people or an event located on Cape Ann please fill out the form below for a quote.  All other customers please use event stickers on yard waste bags with your regular compost pick up.

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Such as plates, trays, cups, or cutlery.