Making Dirt for Mother Earth

Participate in compost pickups and return food scraps and other organic material to the soil to be reused. You can compost much more with us than a backyard pile, like meat, bones, napkins, cheese, lobster shells, etc. Check out our special deals at the bottom of the page.

We Make It As Easy As 1, 2, 3

  1. Line your curbside bin or kitchen container and fill it with meat, dairy, bones, napkins, paper towels, and more. Here's the full list of what's compostable.

2. Place your bin on the curb by 6 AM or the night before. We will swing by and empty the bin. We'll also drop off compostable bags ordered through your online account. Use your online account to access your ecological impact, view town compost stats, manage payments, and more.

3. Get compost in the spring. You will receive a voucher for a bag of finished compost, redeemable at participating Garden Centers, or you can donate your portion to Backyard Growers.
(excl. Ipswich, Watertown, Manchester & Groton)


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The Why, What, and How of Composting with Black Earth Compost


What's Compostable

View and download the full list of what you can and can not compost with us.

Learn more about our program details.

and FAQ

More Than Just Food Scraps Pick-up...

Textile Recycling

We will also pick up used textiles-clothing, shoes, towels, etc. in a white plastic drawstring bag alongside your green bin with a BEC textiles sticker.

Yard Waste Pick Up

Purchase compostable yard waste stickers, slap on a paper yard waste bag, fill with yard debris (NO GRASS!), and put out with your green bin.

Compost By The Yard

Your one stop shop for soil needs. We deliver Soil Blends, Mulch and Compost from our own compost facility. Learn about all our products.

Special Deals

EXPERIMENTAL GROUP PURCHASING PROGRAM: If you can get a group of 10 or more to sign up, doesn't have to be in one town but all areas serviced by BEC, then get up to 40% off the first invoice. Discounts are largest in towns that have not hit their density drops. This is in beta-testing mode. Email for details or set-up.

Earn Free Pickups - By executing one or more of a variety of tasks you could earn free compost pickups for a year and more.

Earn Free Curbside Compost Service