Topdress your lawn, trees, and garden beds this Fall with fine screened compost.  Compost when added to soil improves plant growth, which in turn increases the carbon the plant is able to capture from the atmosphere and store in the soil long term.  Pre-order 1/2 yard of our Lawn Compost (4 wheel barrels full) for delivery starting Oct 16th.  Only available in select compost delivery areas.

Certified Compostable Products


The products on this page are certified BPI, CMA, TUV, or OK Compost and are accepted by Black Earth Compost to put in your compost bin. These are amazon affiliate links. If you are out shopping for compostable products only purchase certified compostable products that have the BPI, CMA, TUV or OK Compost certification labels on the packaging or in the product description. Unfortunately, the term 100% Compostable, ASTM D6400 or D6868, Plant Based or Biodegradable on compostable products does not mean we accept it.

Kitchen Supplies

Certified Compostable Items at Whole Foods/Amazon For Small Gatherings

Certified Compostable Products For Over 100 People

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