PUMPKINS and YARD WASTE: We see the largest volumes of food waste of the entire year the week following Thanksgiving.  Please do not put out pumpkins or yard waste the week following Thanksgiving, as we do not have space in the trucks. Put them out before or hold off until the following week. We accept one pumpkin per pick up placed on top of your bin.

Colder Temps:  Below freezing temps are here, which means your compost can freeze to your bin and be unable to empty.  You can prevent this by using certified compostable bioplastic bin liners, available for purchase in the online shop.  Paper bag liners will freeze to the bin. 

Certified Compostable Products

For Restaurants, Schools, Commercial Business:


The products on this page are certified BPI, CMA, TUV, or OK Compost and are accepted by Black Earth Compost to put in your compost bin. These are amazon affiliate links. If you are out shopping for compostable products only purchase certified compostable products that have the BPI, CMA, TUV or OK Compost certification labels on the packaging or in the product description. Unfortunately, the term 100% Compostable, ASTM D6400 or D6868, Plant Based or Biodegradable on compostable products does not mean we accept it.

Kitchen Supplies

Certified Compostable Items at Whole Foods/Amazon For Small Gatherings

Certified Compostable Products For Over 100 People

Wholesale for Restaurants, Schools, Commercial Business

For wholesale purchase of compostable items for restaurants, business or schools we recommend Key Compostables. Become a wholesale purchaser here and make sure to list us as a reference:

More information on certified compostable school lunch trays.

Event Signage

Download our event signage.