How to Buy Our
Compost Products

Order Products Online or Pick-up Single Bags at a Garden Center

Compost Products - Delivered Bulk.  Delivered in Bags.  Or Delivered in June or Sept for your yard health.

Soil Products - Raised Bed Blend.  New Lawn Blend.

Leaf Mulch - Delivered Bulks.  Delivered in Bags (coming soon).

Raised Beds - 4x8ft beds.  4x12ft beds. Custom beds.  Installation available or as DIY kits.

Other - Vegetable Starts (a veggie medley).  Chicken and Wild Bird Treats (Black Soldier Fly Larva).

10 or More Bags
Compost for Yard Health
Soil Compost Blends
Leaf Mulch
Give a Garden
Raised Beds
Vegetable Starts
Automatic Irrigation
Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Delivery Range

We deliver within this map region. Different delivery options are available per town. For any delivery outside of this region there is a minimum order of 12 yards. Please consult this map to see the minimum yardage, delivery fee, and if we offer installation of raised bed kits. *Please note bagged product orders have lower delivery fees*


Compost Carpool

Save some cash and reduce your carbon footprint!

Share your compost carpool code with friends and neighbors and receive quantity discounts and split the delivery fee.

Your sharable carpool code will be generated when you checkout.
Each person who enters your code at checkout throughout the next week will increase your discount, as the total order quantity increases and the delivery fee is divided between orders.

  • Carpool orders of the same product are not necessary to receive quantity discounts. All contributing orders must meet minimum order requirements.
  • The discount will be applied to your invoice prior to sending it to you. A credit will be issued to credit card payments already made.
  • This will not delay your delivery.
  • Order info is not shared.
  • There is a maximum of three orders to a single carpool code.
  • Carpool discounts apply to soil, compost, and raised beds. (leaf mulch, bagged compost, and small quantity compost orders excluded)

Garden Centers That Carry Black Earth Compost Cubic Foot Bags

Garden Center Map Legend

Accepts Residential Pick Up Vouchers

Does Not Accept Vouchers

Zoom to your location and click on a map marker for more information about a Garden Center location.

Where to Find Black Soldier Fly Larvae

A special treat for your backyard chickens or wild birds made from food waste.


Vouchers for Pick Up Customers

One Free Bag of Compost - Households that participate in curbside compost pick up receive a voucher for a bag of finished compost every spring or can elect to donate their portion of finished compost. New customers, as of January 15th, 2023, will receive a compost voucher in spring of 2024. Redeem vouchers at participating Garden Centers highlighted with a green marker in the retailer map. If ordering 10 bags or more through our online ordering system you can use your voucher. Set your preference to receive or donate your compost in your online account.

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How Much Do I Need?

One bag of compost is one cubic foot.  One bag of compost would cover 14 square feet with a half inch of compost.

Compost Depth Bags/ 100sq.ft. Yards/ 1000sq.ft.
1/4" 3.5 0.75
1/2" 7 1.5
1" 14 3
2" 28 6
3" 42 9