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Photo credit Bart Yeager

Hard Core Composting

Our Compost Mission

Black Earth manages three compost facilities in partnership with municipalities and farms. Our goal is a network of medium sized, decentralized compost facilities that create resilient, regenerative local nutrient systems that serve the people and local agricultural system. We believe using food to grow more food is the highest end use of organic waste.


Northshore Regional Compost Facility

Our newest, and largest facility in Manchester-by-the-sea, MA. This building manages the primary, and smelliest, stages of composting in an enclosed space.

This facility will replace our site on School Street in Manchester, where we have been operating since 2017.


Groton Compost Facility

Our recipe of food scraps (the nitrogen source) and leaves (the carbon source) is designed to foster an environment ideal for decomposition, and a rich, nutrient balanced finished compost.

Each of the windrows in the aerial image is the compost at a different stage of finishing. It takes approximately six months for the food scraps to move through this system and turn into finished compost.

The compost is mixed, turned, monitored for the correct internal temperature, screened, and tested.

Site Roosters
Hoop House

Framingham Compost Site

This front runner site operates with minimal utilities. It utilizes an excavator to turn windrows.

Black Earth Compost is a proud member of the Composting Consortium - leading the nation in composting infrastructure, innovation and compostable packaging progress.