What's Compostable

We accept food scraps, soiled paper products and certified compostable serviceware. These can account for up to 40% of your trash and is more than can be composted in a backyard pile.

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Compostable Certification Matters

Compostable liners, plates, utensils, cups, etc. made out of certified compostable bioplastic meet several criteria that ensure it will break down in a compost pile within a set amount of time and into safe material. There are several different standards across the US and Europe that are certified by third party groups to ensure the products meet the standard, and in some cases exceeds the standard.

We accept the following third party certifications:

Look for their logos on packaging. If you are unsure about a product, each company has a look up tool on their website, linked above. If you still don't know, email the company that sells the product. They are more likely to know than us. 

The words biodegradable, compostable or ASTM-6400 alone are not enough for us to accept a product. It needs to be third party certified to ensure it breaks down into acceptable non-toxic substrates.

Certified compostable cups, plates and utensils are available at some grocery stores. Shop certified compostable serviceware on Amazon.

Certified Products

Please Note:

WE DO NOT ACCEPT waxed cardboard, milk cartons, paper cups or similar items not certified compostable by BPI, CMA, or OK Compost. 

WE ARE NOT A PAPER RECYCLING OUTLET. We don't accept cardboard, pizza boxes, junk mail, magazines, tons of office paper, etc. Food-soiled napkins or paper products are ok though. 

WE DO NOT ACCEPT GRASS CLIPPINGS unless you are a subscriber to our Organic Lawn Care Partners.  Inquire with your town for their yard waste services.

We take contamination seriously. Bins will not be picked up if contamination is a problem. We can work together to adjust your composting system to eliminate contamination.


Produce Sticker Activity

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