Topdress your lawn, trees, and garden beds this Fall with fine screened compost.  Compost when added to soil improves plant growth, which in turn increases the carbon the plant is able to capture from the atmosphere and store in the soil long term.  Pre-order 1/2 yard of our Lawn Compost (4 wheel barrels full) for delivery starting Oct 16th.  Only available in select compost delivery areas.

Artwork by Barry "Wildman" Snyder

Stickers are Cute But Not on Your Fruit

Creative Ways to Remember to Keep Produce Stickers Out of the Compost Bin

Produce stickers are our most frustrating contaminant. They do not break down in the compost pile and due to their small size are not filtered out in the screening process. We painstakingly hand pick produce stickers out of the finished compost, but due to their size and prevalence on produce it's impossible to get them all. Help us prevent this contaminant from getting in your compost in the first place.

Print one or all of these drawings and hang near your compost bin. Fill in with produce stickers for a fun way to remember to keep stickers out of the compost. Kids love this task.

Create Art

Skip one of our drawings and create your own art from produce stickers. Hang a piece of paper near your compost bin and arrange stickers in your own creative way. Find inspiration from other fruit sticker artists, like Barry "Wildman" Snyder who has created beautiful art from produce stickers.

Advocate for an Alternative to Plastic Produce Stickers

Produce stickers could become the next plastic straw as we move towards the elimination of single use plastics. Alternative solutions to plastic PLU stickers exist, such as laser printing SKU codes on produce or using certified compostable stickers, however composters like you and us need to demand the use of a solution that considers the end of use life of the product.