PUMPKINS and YARD WASTE: We see the largest volumes of food waste of the entire year the week following Thanksgiving.  Please do not put out pumpkins or yard waste the week following Thanksgiving, as we do not have space in the trucks. Put them out before or hold off until the following week. We accept one pumpkin per pick up placed on top of your bin.

Colder Temps:  Below freezing temps are here, which means your compost can freeze to your bin and be unable to empty.  You can prevent this by using certified compostable bioplastic bin liners, available for purchase in the online shop.  Paper bag liners will freeze to the bin. 


Consulting/Infrastructure Planning

With over ten years of experience in organics collection and compost processing we have acquired a wealth of knowledge that can inform your decisions and speed up project development.  We advise on the following topics:

  • Municipal or Pilot Scale Residential Organic Waste Collection
  • School Composting
  • Transfer Station Collection
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • Starting or Improving Yard Waste Composting
  • Compost Facility Design (odor elimination and cost projections) and permitting
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