Topdress your lawn, trees, and garden beds this Fall with fine screened compost.  Compost when added to soil improves plant growth, which in turn increases the carbon the plant is able to capture from the atmosphere and store in the soil long term.  Pre-order 1/2 yard of our Lawn Compost (4 wheel barrels full) for delivery starting Oct 16th.  Only available in select compost delivery areas.


Consulting/Infrastructure Planning

With over ten years of experience in organics collection and compost processing we have acquired a wealth of knowledge that can inform your decisions and speed up project development.  We advise on the following topics:

  • Municipal or Pilot Scale Residential Organic Waste Collection
  • School Composting
  • Transfer Station Collection
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • Starting or Improving Yard Waste Composting
  • Compost Facility Design (odor elimination and cost projections) and permitting
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