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Compost Collection Programs for Everyone


Customized Solutions

  • Pick-up available 1-7 days a week. 
  • Various sizes of totes with compostable liners for your business needs.
  • The compost totes are relined with a compostable bag on every stop.
  • We advertise your business composts to our residential collection customers in your town.

Commercial Kitchens

From Kitchen to Plate to Soil: Redefine the dining experience by composting. By diverting food waste from  landfills, restaurants can not only reduce disposal costs but also  showcase a commitment to environmental responsibility. Composting in restaurants is the recipe for a greener, more sustainable culinary industry.

Your restaurant, bakery, cafe or commercial kitchen can divert up to 50% of your waste. Start with the back of the house and add in the front of the house when you see fit. We can help you establish a system and educate your staff with clear signage.

Food scraps are the heaviest component of the waste stream. Customers with compactors or who are charged by weight can save money composting.

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Satisfied Customers

Kay Materson, owner of Johnny's Luncheonette in Newton, explains how and why they compost.


Office Spaces

Elevate your workplace. By composting food waste, offices can significantly decrease their ecological footprint, promote a healthier workplace, and contribute to a more sustainable future. It's a simple yet impactful step towards corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Ask about our employee discount benefits for home compost service and compost / soil delivery.

White glove indoor service available in Boston and Cambridge.

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Matthew Ferri, Facilities Manager
Pick Up 57th Floor, The Hancock Building, Boston

"We've been using Black Earth Compost for our weekly food waste collection for just over 2 years, and they've been a joy to work with. Their team is punctual, professional, and incredibly easy to work with. Partnering with Black Earth has not only streamlined our waste management but has also supported our commitment to sustainability. Highly recommend them for reliable and efficient composting services, especially if you need someone to come inside your office space in Cambridge or Boston!" 

Compost Options For Everyone

No amount of food waste is too big or too small. From florists, cafes, temples, & churches, to malls, grocery stores & chain restaurants we can divert your compostable waste from the trash.

Condominiums, please view our check list on how to get your building composting.

Municipalities, please see our suite of services.

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Food Disposal Ban

Did you know the MA Food Waste Disposal Ban prohibits businesses with more than 1/2 ton of food waste per week from disposing of it in the trash. 1/2 ton is equivalent to 5 48 gallon totes.

Recycling Works is a free assistance program that helps businesses and institutions reduce and divert waste from disposal. They walk you through the basic steps of starting a new composting program or improve on an existing program.

Estimate the food waste you generate with their Food Waste Estimator Guide.

Our Customers Include

Michael Mignosa, Owner of Fruit Center Marketplace

“Composting is now a seamless part of our everyday routine. We separate out our organic waste, and Black Earth takes care of the rest. They are helpful and attentive to our questions and concerns and make the whole process of composting easy.”

Food Scraps Can Account For Almost Half Your Waste

We Accept Food Scraps
  • Dairy Products
  • Meats and Bones
  • Coffee Grounds, Filters and Tea bags
  • Seafood and Shells
  • Fruit and Vegetables
Soiled Paper Products
  • Paper Napkins and Towels
Certified Compostable Serviceware
  • BPI, CMA or OK Compost/TUV Certified Compostable Forks, Bowls, Plates, & Cups

*We DO NOT accept waxed cardboard, milk cartons, paper cups or similar items not certified compostable by BPI, CMA, or OK Compost. 

We take contamination seriously. Bins will not be picked up if contamination is a problem. We can work together to adjust your composting system to help reduce contamination.

Learn more about what's compostable.

Whats Compostable


Certified Compostable Products

Compostable service ware must be third party certified compostable to guarantee it breaks down within three months in a composting facility into safe substrates. Our goal is to make the best compost to return to our local soils and these certifications ensure it.

We accept the following third party certifications:

Good Start Packaging offers certified compostable products for commercial kitchens and food retailers in bulk pricing. 

Shop Certificed Compostable Serviceware

Education is Easy With Clear Signage

Download our English/Spanish compost sign for your bin or our Compost, Recycle, Trash sign set.  

8.5 x 11 inch print outs:

Join Us In Full Circle Sustainability

We are a vertically integrated, full circle company serving Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. This means we pick up and compost the materials ourselves locally, returning the finished nutrient rich compost to backyards, farms, and community gardens throughout New England.

Composting is the highest end use of your food scraps, it puts the energy and carbon into the soil instead of creating methane via landfills or Anaerobic Digestion.

Support our community partners who use our compost to grow more food or buy compost made from your food scraps.

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