Special Offer! FREE STARTER KIT for Groton and Littleton residents when you sign up for compost pick up. Offer valid until Dec 16th, 2021.

This holiday season, give a non material gift that keeps on giving. Gift Certificates available for compost pick-up subscriptions.

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Commercial Service: Give it a Shot!

Let Black Earth Compost help you establish a food scrap pick up program that meets your establishment’s needs. Our pick up service can scale from small offices and restaurants all the way to large supermarket chains and corporate headquarters.


Reduce Trash Costs with Compost Pick-up

We work with organizations across eastern Massachusetts to implement customized food waste collection systems. We are the only integrated company that does both the hauling and composting which lowers your costs. As a result we have the lowest prices and can guarantee your food scraps are being composted and returned to the soil. We also collect from thousands of residents and like to showcase businesses that are like minded.


  • Pickup available 2-7 days a week in many places. 
  • Various sizes of totes with compostable liners.
  • We service offices, restaurants, schools, colleges, hospitals, grocery stores, malls, hotels, bakeries, coffee shops, dog groomers, and more.

Worried about compost being messy? Compostable bags make disposal of your food waste clean and convenient.

  • The compost toters are lined with a compostable bag on every stop.

It's as simple as moving food from a trash bin to a compost bin, so its no smellier than trash.

    Want to know more? Call us at 978-290-4610, extension 2. Or get started by requesting a quote online.

    Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Schools, etc.



    Choose a Bin Size That Meets Your Needs

    Available in 64, 48, or 32 gallon wheeled totes.


    Toss All Food, Napkins and Coffee Filters

    • Dairy Products
    • Meats and Bones
    • Coffee Grounds, Filters and Tea Bags
    • Seafood and Shells
    • All Soiled Napkins

    Certified Compostable Service ware

    We accept BPI, CMA and TUV certified compostable bioplastics. All disposable service ware is available in a certified compostable product.

    Mix it All in One Bin

    All compostable items are tossed in the same bin, no sorting food scraps and compostable plates necessary. Choose a tote size to fit your waste needs.

    Our Customers Include:

    “When Massachusetts implemented mandatory composting for all restaurants and food retailers several years ago, we at the Fruit Center Marketplace thought it could be a heavy burden until we started doing some research. Once we did, Black Earth was the best choice. Overall, they have been excellent. Composting is now a seamless part of our everyday routine. We separate out our organic waste, and Black Earth takes care of the rest. They are helpful and attentive to our questions and concerns and make the whole process of composting easy.” - Fruit Center Marketplace owner Michael Mignosa

    Back In The Office, We Can help!


    Estimate Your Compostable Waste

    Are you in compliance with the Massachusetts food waste disposal ban?

    How much do you generate?

    Free Assistance with Starting or Improving a Compost Program

    Recycling Works is a free assistance program, funded by MA DEP, that helps businesses and institutions reduce and divert waste from disposal.  They will walk you through the basic steps of starting a new recycling or composting program or improve on an existing program.

    Call (888) 254-5525 or send an email to info@recyclingworksma.com.

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    Looking to create a zero waste event, such as a fair, fundraiser, or wedding? Let Black Earth handle the compost! We can arrange the drop off of compost totes at your event and pick them up after the event is over, leaving you free to enjoy the event!

    Call 978-290-4610, extension 2, or request a quote online for more information.

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    Acceptable Compostable Material and Packaging

    In order to ensure compostable material will break down into non-toxic substrates in a timely manner we only accept compostable packaging certified by a third party. We accept the following third party certifications:

    Look for their logos on packaging or visit the BPI Approved Product Search Tool or CMA Approved Product Listing to find compostable cups, bowls, plates, trays, straws and more for your business.  We can also work with your vendor to get approved products.

    BPI Certified Products  CMA Certified Products

    Approved Certification Labels

    The words biodegradable, compostable or ASTM-6400 alone are not enough for us to accept a product. It needs to be third party certified to ensure it breaks down into acceptable non-toxic substrates in a timely manner.

    Print this sign to hang next to your compost bin.

    Commercial Compost Sign

    Sustainability Partners

    Three River Farm Alliance connects local farms, customers and businesses to create healthier communities.
    Healthy Soils Healthy Seas Rhode Island is an initiative to increase composting in Newport County, Rhode Island because improving ocean health starts on land.