How to Set Up a Compost Program for Your Condominium or Apartment Complex

Implementing a successful compost pick up initiative within condominiums or apartment complexes requires approval, a collaborative effort, effective education, and consistent dedication. By following a well-thought-out plan and fostering active engagement, you can establish a sustainable composting program that benefits both the environment and the community.

If you're considering introducing composting to your condo or apartment complex, we kindly request that you complete the following checklist. Once these steps are fulfilled, Black Earth will be delighted to work with you. 

  1. Obtain Approval from HOA/Landlord- Ensure that you've secured the necessary approval from the homeowners' association (HOA) or landlord. This is the key first step.
  2. Resident Participation Survey- How many people will use the service? Gauge the level of interest and participation by conducting a survey among residents. 
  3. Designate a Composting Team - Appoint a dedicated team and leader to champion and manage the composting program to implement and act as a liaison to management and Black Earth. 
  4. Clarify Billing Structure - Ensure a clear understanding of the billing process for the composting program. Determine whether the HOA will cover the cost of a central bin or if residents will sign up and pay individually. 
  5. Choose Bin Placement Locations for Efficient Pickup - Composting requires strategically designated areas for the placement of composting bins. Whether it's a central bin or individual bins, careful consideration of bin placement ensures convenient and effective collection.
  6. Contaminated Bin Management Plan - Compost quality is paramount, and contaminated bins can disrupt the process. In the event of contamination, collection drivers may refuse pickup. Be prepared with a contingency plan to handle the disposal of contaminated waste. Proper education and guidelines for waste separation can help prevent such instances.

Upon completing these preparations, Black Earth looks forward to assisting you in your composting journey. Thank you for your interest in our service!

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