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We take pumpkins! One pumpkin per pickup. Please leave it on top of your bin and remember to remove the candle. No pumpkins decorated with paint or glitter. Thank you!

Bin Health and Maintenance

Show your bin some love. Some simple habits can help relieve some of the gross factor with composting and help your bin last longer.  Good bin maintenance includes:

1) Keep liquid out of your bin as best possible
2) Line with compostable bags/paper bags, tying off helps
3) Rinse bin after being emptied
4) Sprinkle baking soda in bottom of bin to reduce smell and absorb liquid
5) Keep the bin out of the sun
6) Freeze scraps until day of pickup
7) Put meat/fish into a newspaper and wrap up like a burrito

Black Earth is not responsible for the bin if lost, stolen or damaged.  Please label your bin with your address. Replacement bins and parts can be ordered through the customer account shop. 


Remedies for Specific Issues

FRUIT FLIES - Eliminate the flies food and water source from your countertop by keeping fruit in the fridge and a lid on your countertop container. Empty your counter top container before it overflows or soils. Wash and dry the container before filling it up again. To catch fruit flies, fill up a mason jar with apple cider vinegar and a drop of dish soap. Secure plastic wrap over the top and poke small holes into the top. Leave it near your countertop container.

MAGGOTS - After your bin is emptied, wash it out with a mild dish soap, let it air dry and sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on the bottom to trap any liquids or odors. Do this weekly in the warm weather. Keep your bin out of the sun and if you can, in a cool dry place. Double lining helps as well. Keeping bagged compost in the fridge or freezer until collection day also helps if you have the space.

ANIMALS - In some neighborhoods animals can try to get into the bins.  While our lids do latch and keep out the majority of perpetrators, they do not lock, and there are some clever and determined animals out there. Some feisty squirrels have been known to eat through the plastic and some dexterous raccoons have opened the latch. Sprinkle some chili powder on the lid to discourage animals. Reinforcing the lid with an additional strap will prevent clever animals from opening it.  You can construct your own with a bungee cord or clip or purchase a Strong Strap - Universal Garbage Can Lid Lock Utility Strap from Amazon.

Watch this video with tips and tricks to keep your bin odor and pest free.


Replacement Lids and Latches are Available in the Customer Account Shop

How To Install a Replacement Bin Latch