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Benefits: Health and Dental Insurance after 3 months of employment, 401k matching after one year, 40 hours paid sick/time off, Overtime

Job Locations include: Manchester-by-the-sea, Groton, Framingham, Wakefield, and Raynham, MA

Pay: $18.00 - $25.00 per hour ($17/hr for Helpers, $31/hr for prevailing wage)

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Black Earth Compost is looking to hire drivers to help us expand organic waste diversion in Eastern MA, and get valuable nutrients back to where they are needed most: our soil.

Drivers and Swing Driver; start at $18/hour and if you get through the days without missing stops and deliveries, have a good attitude, no accidents, and show up on time (basically a good worker), then you can get a $3/hour bonus per 2 week pay period, so that's $21/hour, right off the bat if you earn it. We also have prevailing wage routes that pay $31/hour. We put the best drivers in those positions. So good drivers have a blended average (overtime, Sundays, prevailing wages) up to $25/hour. The blended rate is how some good drivers that work 50 hours a week, can be making $65,000/year.

The primary responsibility for Drivers would be driving our routes: picking up discarded food scraps from residents and businesses. Please be aware that food scraps from May-September can get a bit "ripe." So tolerance for periodic bad smells is a must. Food scraps are also very heavy sometimes, so strength is needed to put heavy totes onto our truck lifts, or lift 50 lbs bins over the tailgate. This isn't for people with back or knee problems. The trucks used are 12,000-25,500 lbs GVWR, with 12 foot beds, so comfort driving bigger trucks is a necessity. Most of the time it's driving a few minutes to a stop, listening to music or your favorite podcasts, put a bin on the truck lift, flip it in, and move on to the next stop. Nobody is looking over your shoulder, so we need responsible people.

The Helper position involves riding shotgun with a driver and assisting in emptying bins into the truck bed, delivering compostable bags, and generally aiding the driver in spotting hazards, identifying bin locations and ensuring routes are completed in a timely manner. Drivers will meet with helpers either at a compost site or along a route. Must be flexible and help out on a variety of routes with different drivers.

Must excel in two of the following: backcountry skiiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, fly fishing, paragliding, whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, extreme sailing (with the foils, that looks badass), surfing, ice climbing... (sort of kidding). Veteran from wars, forest fire fighting, and stuff like that shows you're in shape, you can work in the rain and snow, you're tough, and you're in good company. People that come from desk jobs don't last long. The most important thing is having a good attitude.

We have a small company of great people, and don't want a rotten apple to spoil the bunch. This is a job that is great for your health: outside half the time, inside half the time so you don't get too cold or hot or wet, but you get fresh air. Sitting half the time and moving the other half, so you're body doesn't freeze up from desk job work, nor get worn down from manual labor. Also it has a dirty factor that helps boost your immune system. Our drivers never get sick. The extra body weight burns off in 2-3 months. It really is a great way to get to prime fitness without being pushed too hard, and that's a primary reason I started this company because I wanted to be driving. Not doing office work or manual labor.

In addition to having a strong work ethic, we also need someone that can keep a smile on their face because you will be a public figure of the company. We want people firmly rooted to the earth, that can get dirty, that care about the environment, that knows frugality, but is also tech savvy. The more hats you can wear, the more valuable you are, the more we can grow our small business, and the more we can afford to pay you. Wearing one hat is fine too. We want someone for the long-haul. Not a seasonal gig. We want like minded people because who you work with is just as important as what you do, so who we hire affects our quality of life. So we really want to be specific and find the right people to join us: happy and responsible team players.

Must have valid drivers license and clean driving record. Must pass background checks on criminal and driving record, and drug tests for all hard drugs (not weed). And have good references.

COVID-19 considerations: We believe it is prudent to be vaccinated but would never force employees. We believe in persuasion, not coercion.


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This job requires lifting heavy buckets repeatedly and jumping in and out of a truck a few hundred times a day.
Example: do you have to pick up kids from school, childcare, etc? Some of the pick up routes are long, or something may come up during the day that might extend the work day.
We require Drivers to work at least one Saturday a month.
We will pay you $150 to spend the day with a Driver and see if this job is for you. Please let us know asap if you can not make a scheduled ride along.
DOT stands for Department of Transportation. If you don't have one, you will be required to get one. Its a quick physical examination proving you are healthy to drive.