COVID-19 Update We are taking safety precautions to protect employees and will continue to pick up and deliver compost, soil blends, mulch, and raised beds until instructed otherwise (waste collection and soil delivery are categorized as essential).  Please continue to put out your bin. We appreciate any effort to keep your bin handle and lid snap clean. Make sure paper towels and napkins are in tied compostable bags. Please no bodily fluids such as mucus.  

Gift Certificates for Curbside Pick Up

Give back to Mother Earth by gifting a weekly compost pickup subscription and bin (or starter kit depending on the town).

Complete the form to check pricing for the recipient's address or purchase a gift certificate. You will receive an invoice to complete your order. Once the invoice is paid, you will be emailed the gift certificate. 

The service period will not start until the recipient contacts us to activate the gift certificate.

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