COVID-19 Update We are taking safety precautions to protect employees and will continue to pick up and deliver compost, soil blends, mulch, and raised beds until instructed otherwise (waste collection and soil delivery are categorized as essential).  Please continue to put out your bin. We appreciate any effort to keep your bin handle and lid snap clean. Make sure paper towels and napkins are in tied compostable bags. Please no bodily fluids such as mucus.  

10 bags delivered to your Home

We are delivering 10 or more bags of our Black Earth Compost directly to your home.  Let us do the heavy lifting and bring the compost to you.  This is a good option if you don't meet the minimums for Bulk Delivery, but still need a good amount of Compost.

We will deliver within 2 weeks of placing the order - Current as of April 2020.

Save by Sharing - Combine your order with 1 or 2 more 'in-town friends'. This will save you on delivery charge and allow you to get bag quantity discounts.  We will deliver to your friends on the same delivery day.  For 1 extra friend, minimum total quantity of bags must be at least 20.  For 2 extra friends - minimum total quantity must be at least 30.

Vegetable Starts - ONLY AVAILABLE with BAG DELIVERIES AFTER APRIL 13TH.  We will deliver a vegetable start mix pack for orders to be delivered starting the 2nd week of April.  Vegetable start 4 packs will be supplied by our good friends Elise and Tucker over at Cedar Rock Gardens in Gloucester.  

Options for April:
1 - Mixed Kale 4 pack
2 - Swiss Chard 4 pack

Options for May:

Read about our Finished Compost here.  Tested for Nutrients, Salts, Heavy Metals, Herbicides, Soil Food Web Biology and General Plant Vigor.  Made for growing food for your family!

Photo: 10 bags with Two 4-packs of Vegetable Starts (yes the plants will be bigger than these infants).

Example of 10 bag delivery with two 4 packs of vegetables starts. (Note these starts were just started.  The starts we will deliver will be 3 weeks older and thus taller and stronger.) 

Delivery map for bag deliveries.  Note we are only delivering to the Yellow, Blue, Green and Boston zone.

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If splitting the delivery with an 'in-town neighbor' enter their street and city address here.
If splitting the delivery with a 3rd 'in-town neighbor' enter their street and city address here.
If splitting the delivery with 1 'in-town friend', minimum quantity is 20 bags. --- If splitting the delivery with 2 'in-town friends', minimum quantity is 30 bags. --- Prices do Not include tax.
See delivery map above for color coding
Vegetable Starts are delivered with your bulk product. Therefore starts are only available with bulk product orders to be delivered after April 13th.
Note: We will only drop the bags a few feet from where the truck can back up too. Truck should not leave the pavement or driveway.
We are delivering all 7 days of the week and will get you the bags within 2 weeks.