COVID-19 Update We are taking safety precautions to protect employees and will continue to pick up and deliver compost, soil blends, mulch, and raised beds until instructed otherwise (waste collection and soil delivery are categorized as essential).  Please continue to put out your bin. We appreciate any effort to keep your bin handle and lid snap clean. Make sure paper towels and napkins are in tied compostable bags. Please no bodily fluids such as mucus.  


Our Bulk products are made for you to grow food for your family.  They are thoroughly tested in multiple labratories and with in-house plant trials to ensure thier quality.  We are delivering them to your home this Spring 2020.  Also this year we are delivering Vegetable Starts to help you get started without needing to leave your home due to the COVID19 outbreak.  Our mission is to be a source in Massachusetts of fertility for you to grow food for your family. 

Please first review the below information.  If you still need help you can call 978 290 4610 ext. 3 for help placing your online order or email


Products We Deliver:

Black Earth Compost
 – A rich compost made from community food scraps rather than grass. Feeds plants all season. More information about our compost products can be found here.
Leaf Mulch
 – A tasteful leaf mulch with a uniform brown color. An alternative to wood mulch that actually feeds your soil.  Trees don't put dyed woodchips on the ground each autumn, they put leaves down for a reason. Feed your soil!
Soil Blend, Raised Bed
 – A 50:50 compost-loam blend. Made for filling a new raised bed. Soil info here.
Soil Blend, New Lawn
 – A 50:50 compost-loam blend. Made for starting new areas or patching.

Multi Delivery Savings:
Save money by combining your order with your 'in-town neighbor(s)'.  This saves on the delivery fee and can get you the quantity discounts. See the Mix-n-Match below for more info.  The most savings is if you can fill our truck up to the max carrying capacity of 10 cubic yards.
     -For example, you get 3 of one product, 2 of a second product and your 'in-town neighbor' gets 5 of a third product.  That gets you the '10 yard rate', see below. 
     -Another example, you get 2 of one product, your 'in-town neighbor' gets 2 of another product, and another 'in-town neighbor' gets 3 of a product. It all adds up to 7 cubic yards; you get the '5 to 9 rate'.
The other way to save is if you need more than one product (i.e. compost and leaf mulch). Order both and you only pay the delivery fee once, and you can get the quantity discounts for '5 to 9 yards' or '10 yards'.  We can deliver you 2 or 3 products all in the same trip.  Biggest savings is if it all adds up to 10 yards.

Vegetable Starts:
We will deliver a vegetable start mix pack for orders to be delivered starting the 2nd week of April.  Vegetable start 4 packs will be supplied by our good friends Elise and Tucker over at Cedar Rock Gardens in Gloucester. 

Options for April:
1 - Mixed Kale 4 pack
2 - Swiss Chard 4 pack
3 - Head Lettuce 4 pack

Options for May:

Soil Delivery Marker:
This lets the driver know exactly where you want the bulk material delivered.  It really helps the driver! Examples: Tarp, Upside-down bucket, Upside-down wheelbarrow, sign, etc.

Product Prices and Delivery Fee


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Please write directions and a specific marker you will use to mark the dump area. A tarp, upside bucket, upside wheel barrow are all good options.
We will email you after we receive this form. We will also call you the day before we deliver.

Vegetable Starts are delivered with your bulk product. Therefore starts are only available with bulk product orders to be delivered after April 13th.