New Lawn Soil Blend:

- Made for new lawn installations or patching.
- (If overseeding or installing sod, use 100% Black Earth Compost instead)

Raised Bed Soil Blend:

- Made for filling new raised beds, extending existing gardens or build up new beds.

"I already have soil, I just want to amend it"

If you already have soil you like on your property, then instead of buying our soil blend, just order our 100% Black Earth Compost!

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About Our Soils

Our soil blends are 50/50 mixes of 100% Black Earth Compost and a Sandy Loam sourced special for your family to use to grow vegetables, annuals or trees.

  • Growth trials to ensure product quality
  • We purchase the Loam to blend from single source providers from Central Mass in order to avoid local contractor recycled loams
  • Tested for Nutrients, 5 heavy metals and Arsenic (including Lead), Salts, Chemistry and Biology
  • Sandy loams preserves drainage and makes it stable to walk or drive on


How to Use - New Lawn Blend

How to Seed - After preparing the soil to your purpose described below... Spread grass seed heavy. Use Spring Rake to incorporate most of seed into soil.  Keep moist during first 2 weeks of germination!!

Starting a New Lawn - Spread 2-4 inches of New Lawn blend over disturbed area. Seed as above.

Patching a Lawn - Wheel barrow enough New Lawn Blend to patch locations to cover existing soil by 1/2 inch. Use Spring Rake to distribute it between blades of grass and bare spots.  Seed as above.

Sod - Apply 1 inch of 100% Black Earth Compost down first, then lay down sod.

Hole Filling - Prepare small holes and divots by using Spade Shovel to breakup existing soil.  Breakup edges of hole to make a box shape in the ground.  Add New Lawn Blend and tamp down.  Seed as above if desired.


How to Use - Raised Bed Soil Blend

New Raised Bed - Fill with our Raised Bed Blend

Existing Raised Bed - Top off with Raised Bed Blend

New Garden Bed - Add 6 inches of Raised Bed Blend to create new growing space.  Before adding, break up and loosen soil beneath for better results (because of more root habitat).

Let Us Build Your New Raised Bed